Interactive Sales Solutions provides telephone interactive voice response (IVR), web-based, and personal electronic device (cellphones, tablets, etc.) data collection and reporting for a wide range of industries across North America and the Caribbean.


Interactive Sales Solutions for the
Cleaning and Building Services Industry


The work your crews perform helps to maintain safe, clean building environments.  The appearance of retail space and working locations of personnel is critical to the impressions customers and employees receive.  The maintenance of that appearance is the responsibility of your crews.  Our system helps you manage your employees, the work performed, the supplies used, and your customers' satisfaction with the appearance of their workspaces.



Time and Attendance

The ISSI system can be configured to collect a variety of information, such as the number of crew members on-site, their location, time of arrival, time of departure, and the total work time spent on the job.  Your individual managers can even receive immediate notification of overtime situations and job completion delays.

Real-time Alerts and Notification

The ISSI system can be configured to notify appropriate personnel when a crew has not reported in at a predetermined time.  It can even escalate notifications based on whether lower-level management acknowledges the problem.  Or, your customers can call to notify you of no-shows, and/or problems with the work performed.  It can route your customers' callback requests, changes in service dates or level of service, etc., to the appropriate supervisor, replacing your answering service.



Work Performed

Because the kind of services performed may vary by location, the system can be configured to ask about specific tasks at specific locations.  Reasons why tasks were added or not completed can be gathered by code or by task name.  You can monitor the use of supplies and equipment.  Notifications can automatically be sent to the appropriate people, based on crew responses for supply levels and need for equipment repair.


The ISSI system can collect spoken comments from crew members or your customers and send them to appropriate personnel for review and action.  Information can be gathered about specific jobs, special requests, and/or work in general.



Driving and Vehicle Reporting

The ISSI system provides many services for managing fleet information.  Whether you have a fleet of three or three hundred vehicles, they represent your company in a visible way.  These "moving billboards" need to present the best image of the company.  ISSI has the lowest cost "how's my driving?" reporting available. In fact, we'll beat your current price from any commercial provider for similar or better service.  Several studies have shown that driving comment lines are effective in promoting courteous driving and reducing accidents. Reports are available in real-time on the internet, and we can email serious incidents to the appropriate managers immediately upon receipt.

 The ISSI system is a viable means of collecting use, mileage, current location, maintenance costs, and other fleet information from your drivers. As with all ISSI services, information is available in real time, whenever you need it.

As a public service, ISSI provides a "how's my driving" report line for teen's and elderly at a special rate of $25 per year.  We think that's the cheapest rate on the web.  This professional-quality service includes a bumper sticker for one car and emailed reports.  For a few cents a day, you can have the security of knowing if your teen or elderly parent is driving in a safe and courteous manner.

Reports and Satisfaction Reporting

The ISSI system is extremely flexible in providing you with the collected information.  Data can be emailed, made available online, or sent as XML, CSV, (or other file formats) for your immediate and longer term review.  Information can be segmented by almost any question asked, by crew, by location, and many others.  You can offer a customer survey to collect customers' satisfaction problems with your crews and service offerings before they lead to losing valued customers.



Costs and Expenses

Interactive Sales Solutions recognizes today's challenging economic climate creates uncertainty for many companies. We provide reasonably priced, cost effective and efficient solutions that can be configured to meet your needs. The system is expandable and scalable to adjust to the fluctuations in your business. We provide the phone numbers, lines, software, etc. from a secure site so you don't need to invest heavily in infrastructure. The start-up and ongoing costs reasonable and affordable; you pay only for what you use.

Our services can help you manage costs to achieve the benefits derived from better information collection and management.