Interactive Sales Solutions provides telephone interactive voice response (IVR), web-based, and personal electronic device (cellphones, tablets, etc.) data collection and reporting for a wide range of industries across North America and the Caribbean.


Interactive Sales Solutions for the
Home Healthcare Industry


The responsibility of providing home health care requires dependability, flexibility, and expertise, among many other things.  Keeping track of numerous people, clients, activities, and equipment and supplies is a challenge for any provider.  ISSI has developed a collection of services to ease this burden and reduce the amount of effort expended on these management tasks allowing you to spend more time on building your business and providing the care for clients.  It is extremely flexible, allowing you to choose the services you want.




The system can be configured for management to schedule providers and client visits.  This information can be provided to the system by sending emails or by using a web-based calendar system.  This automatically sets the system to know when providers are scheduled.  This in turn activates the alert system in the event of no-shows or tardiness.

Time Clock and Alerts

When the provider arrives he or she can use a cell phone or the client's phone to report the arrival to the system.  The system can be configured so that if an arrival at a designated site does not occur within a specified time period, an alert can be sent to notify management of the problem.  When the provider leaves, a call can be placed to the system to report the departure and answer any pertinent questions about the visit.



Work Performed

Using either the IVR or the web-based system, information about activities performed during the visit can be captured.  This can occur during or after the visit and can include alerts for work that should have been done but was not completed.

Equipment and Supplies

The system can be configured to collect information about supplies used during the visit.  It can also be used to monitor inventory carried by each provider.  As the need arises, providers can place orders for equipment and supplies to be delivered, or picked up at the office.




All of the data collected by the system can be made available on-line for immediate viewing, downloading for local use, and in report formats selected by various criteria.  This will help focus on specific providers, clients, questions, or answers.  The information can be emailed to multiple recipients as often as hourly or as seldom as once per month.


Costs and Expenses

Interactive Sales Solutions recognizes today's challenging economic climate creates uncertainty for many companies. We provide reasonably-priced, cost-effective and efficient solutions that can be configured to meet your needs. The system is expandable and scalable to adjust to the fluctuations in your business. We provide the phone numbers, lines, software, etc. from a secure site so you don't need to invest heavily in infrastructure. The start-up and ongoing costs are reasonable and affordable; you pay only for what you use.

Our services can help you manage costs to achieve the benefits derived from better information collection and management.



The services are provided from a secure facility.  All data collected and stored is password protected.  Access is limited to only those with an approved user name and password.  The data is never used for any purposes other than those contracted for by our clients.  We do not sell or provide information to any other parties.