Interactive Sales Solutions provides telephone interactive voice response (IVR), web-based, and personal electronic device (cellphones, tablets, etc.) data collection and reporting for a wide range of industries across North America and the Caribbean.


Interactive Sales Solutions for the
Retail Services Industry


 The Retail Services and Supply industry plays a critical role in the supply chain to retailers and consumers.  Major retail chains and CPG manufacturers rely on third party workforces to ensure products are available and presented well to the consumer.  Merchandising shelves, restocking products, introducing new products, and setting up promotions and displays are but a few of the tasks you are routinely charged with performing.  Knowing these tasks are performed at the right time in the right place is critical to managing your field personnel and their activities.  Having up-to-date information about stock, supplies and displays means your principals know their products and promotions are available.  When OOS or shortages occur the ability to place orders moves product to the shelf faster and more efficiently.  The ISSI services available help you be on top of this information and react quickly when there are problems.



Time and Attendance

It is important for you to know that your field personnel are in the right place at the right time.  You can collect time of arrival and departure, amount of time spent in the store, and the chain and store information.

Work Performed

Information about what your personnel did in each store can be collected.  Whether it is detailed information about products or general information about checking displays, the system allows you to be as specific as necessary.  Questions can be targeted to specific manufacturers, products, displays, and/or stores.




Our system can provide you with the support you need to place orders from the field.  This can be done on the telephone, the internet, or with a PDA.  Use the system to order products, display materials, carstock, and other supplies your personnel need to perform their tasks.


Now you can collect expense information from the field in an efficient manner.  Mileage, travel, meals, etc. - you determine the categories and the system can ask for entries by day, by job, or other criteria you need.



Reports, Alerts and Notifications

The information collected by the system can be provided to you and others by a variety of means.  You can view it online, download it, have it sent by email, or have it sent by FTP, XML, and other formats as you need it.  You can email alerts sent to you and other personnel notifying of conditions that need immediate attention.


Costs and Expenses

Interactive Sales Solutions recognizes today's challenging economic climate creates uncertainty for many companies. We provide reasonably priced, cost effective and efficient solutions that can be configured to meet your needs. The system is expandable and scalable to adjust to the fluctuations in your business. We provide the phone numbers, lines, software, etc. from a secure site so you don't need to invest heavily in infrastructure. The start-up and ongoing costs are reasonable and affordable; you pay only for what you use.

Our services can help you manage costs to achieve the benefits derived from better information collection and management.