Interactive Sales Solutions provides telephone interactive voice response (IVR), web-based, and personal electronic device (cellphones, tablets, etc.) data collection and reporting for a wide range of industries across North America and the Caribbean.


Interactive Sales Solutions for the
Survey/Opinion Research Industry


Today, information about how customers perceive your products and services, their desires for new offerings, and how your employees feel about their jobs are essential to successful management.  Compiling this information in an efficient and responsive manner is a time-consuming job.  You need to use your time and expertise in analyzing and acting on the gathered data - not on how it's gathered.

ISSI provides the tools and services to give you the freedom to collect and report information in the most effective manner for your target audience.  We find that our inbound-IVR and web site data collection helps to get good, actionable, responses.  Your announcement of the survey via newsletter, item packaging, or by your inbound call center attendants is less obtrusive than outbound surveys.  Respondents can take the survey at their leisure, day or night, when they are ready to give it their full attention.

ISSI's services are affordable, flexible, and efficient.  You can choose only the services you need to order to succeed in growing your business.




Surveys can be configured to begin and end on the dates you choose.  Additionally, you can choose to end a survey when a certain sample size has been reached so you don't pay for more responses than you need.  You can accept a predefined number of calls per day, a number of specific responses to selected questions, and many other criteria.

Survey/Question Development

The system has a powerful scripting engine which gives you the flexibility to design the survey to suit your specific needs.  You can ask questions with yes/no, numeric, scale, recorded voice, and other response types.  You can target questions based on criteria such as previous answers, location, outlet, caller classification, and more.  Respondents can choose from up to 8 different languages in which to read or hear the survey.

Interactive Sales Solutions provides telephone interactive voice response (IVR), web-based, and handheld computer-based (PPC) data collection solutions for a wide range of industries and their diverse data collection needs across North America and the Caribbean.




The data collected can be reported to you in many ways.  For surveys, most clients ask for a "dump" of all responses collected.  This can be provided in CSV, XML, or other formats.  The "raw" data allows you to use it in other programs to segment and analyze the information.  Many clients use programs like SAS, Excel, or other database tools for data analysis.  Depending on your needs, email results can be sent at each survey completion to any personnel you determine.  The emails can even be sent to personnel responsible for the various locations, activities, or other criteria set up in the database.  Also, you can send immediate "alert" emails based on selected responses in the survey so you can act on critical issues without delay.



The survey can be set up to collect ad-hoc responses as voice or text depending on the point of entry.  Respondents' spoken comments are recorded and delivered to you so their nuances can be interpreted by the person examining the data.  Recordings can be included in exported files, attached to emails, or presented on the web for online listening/viewing.



Costs and Expenses

The challenging economic climate today creates uncertainty for many companies.  ISSI provides reasonably-priced, cost-effective, and efficient solutions that can be configured to meet your needs.  The system is expandable and scalable to adjust to the fluctuations in your business.  We provide the phone numbers, lines, software, etc. from a secure site so you don't need to invest heavily in infrastructure.  The start-up and ongoing costs are reasonable and affordable.  You only pay for what you use.

Perhaps most importantly, you get our years of experience in the data collection business.  We can help design your questionnaires and make suggestions on making the survey effective and easy to use.

Our services can help you manage costs to achieve the benefits derived from better information collection and management.


The services are provided from a secure facility.  All data collected and stored is password protected.  Access is limited to only those with an approved user name and password.  The data is never used for any purposes other than those contracted for by our clients.  We do not sell or provide information to any other parties.