Interactive Sales Solutions provides telephone interactive voice response (IVR), web-based, and personal electronic device (cellphones, tablets, etc.) data collection and reporting for a wide range of industries across North America and the Caribbean.


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These demonstrations show a few of the capabilities we provide.  Any of these capabilities can be applied to your specific needs.

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Place the mouse on each icon below for examples of some demonstrations of the ISSI capabilities.  Click on the icon to try the web version or call 866-460-0004 to try the demos using the telephone IVR.


Time Clock: check in/checkout, arrival/departure time, time spent on job Survey: satisfaction, work performance, service levels Checklist: quality, work performed, job requirements Call Reporting: Many uses for reporting activity on site; retail store, delivery/setup, repair services Order Entry: Applications for sales personnel, wholesalers, consumers, retailers Information Request: from consumers, sales leads, service requests


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Check In/Check Out Time Clock: Illustrates a scenario where your personnel calls on arrival and departure to report their status

  • Responses sent immediately or in summarized reports
  • Alerts can be sent based on specific questions or responses
  • Schedule questions based on timeframe, number of responses, and others


Customer/Client Survey: Illustrates a simple survey

  • Send late arrival emails to a single address or many recipients
  • Send summary reports
  • Data reported in many formats - XML, tab delimited, CSV


Quality Control Checklist: Illustrates a scenario where client management reports on cleaning company performance

  • Assign values to responses and score sections and total
  • Alerts/Notifications - based on responses
  • Questions can be variable based on chain, store, personnel, and others


Store Call Reporting: Illustrates a typical merchandising/store service report

  • Questions can be tailored to the selected chain, store, manufacturer, or product
  • Exception alerts and notifications can be sent immediately to the appropriate manager
  • Track store/shelf conditions and personnel activities


Product or Supplies Order Entry: Illustrates a simple order entry

  • Supports discounts - specifically entered or specific to selected chain or manufacturer
  • Pre-fill prices based on database values
  • Alternate shipping and billing address entries
  • Calculate subtotals and totals
  • Send to many endpoints via email, XML, CSV, or specialized formats
  • Use for pick and pack lists


Information Request: Sample version of our "information request form"

  • Collect name and address information
  • Tailored questions based on interest expressed or info needed
  • Notifications/Alerts sent immediately or at scheduled times
  • Capture voice or text
  • Ideal for marketing, satisfaction, quality, feedback surveys

System Reports Demonstrations

You can view a few reports here

General Report

  • This report allows you to select a timeframe, a specific report (if multiple reports are set up), and various other selections of data for "drill down" capabilities.

Out-of-Stock Report

  • This example is a static report that can be designed and updated on a regular schedule.  It is useful if you need the information on a daily basis, but not necessarily immediately when an out-of-stock is reported.

Locations-Not Called-On Report

  • This report can be generated when your database has schedule information for stores/sites.  It can be used to view a list of locations that should have been called on, but the system recorded no check in/check out information for in the timeframe or date set for the location.