Who We Are

  • Interactive Sales Solutions, Inc. was incorporated in 1993 and has successfully provided services to a variety of industries for more than 20 years.
  • We are located in Coppell, TX, a suburb of Dallas and are staffed with people with experience and expertise in information processing, sales, and management.
  • We have experience in many of the industries we support and are constantly building our expertise as technology and industry needs change.

What We Do

  • We use interactive voice response (IVR), internet, and personal electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops to collect and report data from widely dispersed and remote field personnel.
  • Our systems are provided from a secure facility using state-of-the-art telephone, computer, and software tools.
  • We support simple requests from a tested platform developed with the input of many users over the years.
  • We also provide custom solutions to fit your unique needs. We provide these solutions in a timely and efficient manner. The time from request to roll-out is kept to a minimum so that you can quickly experience the benefits and cost savings of our systems





Who We Serve

We began providing services to the CPG and retail industries and support clients from small to large.  We've found that many industries have the same basic needs for the collection and reporting of data from remote personnel.  As a result many companies from a variety of industries have benefited from using our service.

We are proud to have clients from many industries across the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean and ranging in size from eight to several thousand users.

Some of our clients are from:

  • Retail Merchandising
  • Food Brokerage
  • Consumer Survey
  • Consumer Package Goods Manufacturers
  • Health and Beauty Manufacturers
  • Retail Building Services Companies

    Solutions We Provide

    Some of the standard and unique solutions we have provided to our clients are:

    • Customer and employee satisfaction surveys
    • Monitor in-store merchandising and demonstration activities
    • Time-critical status reporting (with live reports on the Web and e-mailed exception notices)
    • Automobile mileage expense reporting
    • Applicant screening and testing
    • Payroll-remote time clock or time card
    • Repair or service crew location and status reporting
    • Order entry using UPC, SKU, or stock numbers
    • Automated follow-up to sample distribution
    • Field data collection
    • And many others!

    Why Choose ISSI

    • We serve our clients with commitment.
    • We solicit and listen to suggestions for improvements, changes, and new features.
    • Providing data collection and reporting solutions is our only business.
    • Our core personnel are readily available to listen to your needs and concerns and assist you.
    • We provide efficient scalable solutions that save money, time, and are easy to use.


    How to Buy

    Buying a solution from ISSI is as easy as making a phone call.  That is all that's needed to get started on defining your needs, determining the solutions we can provide, and making the first move to saving money and being more efficient and effective in managing your information needs.  Simply call (800) 352-9575 or email our Sales team at sales@ISSI-ivr.com for an initial discussion of how you, like many others, can make a move to ISSI.


    What You Pay For

    Because we provide solutions in a shared environment, you only pay for what you need and use.  All of the information from clients is kept separate and secure.  We use a modern data center with the equipment, software, and telephone infrastructure already built in.  There is no need for you to invest the time and money to build it at your site.  Because we have invested in this, you reap the benefits of shared costs and overhead.  You pay for what you need and use, but at a cost that is spread among many others.  The initial costs, operating costs, and use costs are affordable and provide a return in time and money saved, and efficiency and effectiveness in business operations.